The Path to Spiritual Ruin

Zephaniah 3:1-7

One thing that I've found in traveling is that if you aren't careful you can get turned around and headed in the wrong direction. Another thing is that once you are on the wrong road, it may be a while before you realize it. But usually there will be a sign or some other indication to show you that you are headed wrong. A person can avoid taking a wrong turn and wasting time and money if he will study his map well and keep a watchful eye upon the road. In our spiritual life we also sometimes get side-tracked. If we aren't careful we can take a wrong turn in our life and waste precious time or even worse. To avoid that from happening, God has provided the Bible for our map and the Holy Spirit as our guide. And yet with all of that, still many Christians get side-tracked in the world. However, there are some sign posts along the way.

These verses were written to the backslidden nation of Judah, but they offer some valuable information for us today. Look around and we can see the same warnings, the same signposts, to let us know that we need to make a change. When we find ourselves headed in the wrong direction, there is only one intelligent thing to do: turn around! The Bible calls that repentance; or changing our direction. Notice four sign posts in verse two.

I. Disobedience "she obeyed not the voice"

II. Disregard "she received not correction"

III. Disbelief - "She trusted not in the Lord"

IV. Distance - "she drew not near her God.'

Perhaps you are here this morning, and you do not have a personal relationship with the Lord. If that is the case, may I invite you to come and allow us to show you from God's Word how you can be born again? Trust in the Lord today! He will save you, and He will give you purpose and meaning for your life. Believer, perhaps we need to do some checking this morning. Are there any of these signposts in our lives? Disobedience… Disregard… Disbelief…or Distance? If so, will you come home to the Lord today?