Be Mindful

Titus 3:1-3

When Paul wrote to Titus, he pointedly explained that he had been sent to Crete for a purpose. The church was in need of direction. Titus was given the task of setting things in order; he was also told to teach them sound doctrine; and in our text this morning we see Paul instructed Titus to remind the church of a few things. As we begin this New Year, I think it would be of value for us to consider what instructions Paul gave Titus. He says to 'put them in mind' or as we would say today, we need to be reminded of some things. So let me do that this morning. Nothing new, nothing earth shattering, simply some things that we need to remember as we embark upon another year here at Grace Baptist Temple. We need to be reminded of:

I. Our Commission. v2

II. Be Mindful Of Our Conduct v1-2

III. Be Mindful Of Our Conversion v3

We need to be mindful of…