The Work of Grace

Titus 2:11-15

Have you ever said, or perhaps heard someone else make this kind of statement about another person? "Now there goes a real piece of work!" Usually that statement is made in negative sense isn't it? This morning I want us to think of that as we look at our text. The Holy Spirit used the Apostle Paul to write the following statement to the believers in Ephesus.

'We are His workmanship' that means that not only has He created us, but as believers, His work continues to make us what we should be. This is made clear from the letter to the believers in Philippi.

God will complete His work in us. He isn't finished with us yet…we are a work in progress.

Read Text: Titus 2:11-15

Today, I would like to talk about the 'Work of Grace'. God's work in us is a work of grace. Grace is unmerited favor of God. We do not deserve it, but God's grace is available to every one of us today. His desire is to do a work in our lives.

I. His Work of Grace Provides Salvation v11

II. His Work of Grace Produces Sanctification v 12

III. His Work of Grace Prepares Us for Our Glorification v13-14

First of all…this morning have you received the grace of God in salvation? Christian…are we, by grace, living a life of sanctification? Are we prepared for His glorious appearing?