Life of David - Part 1

I Samuel 13:13-14

Read I Sa. 13:13-14; 16:1; Psalm 78:70-72

Introduction: Such a description as 'a man after God's own heart' can only refer to one man in Scripture: David. We see him so many different ways in the Bible: as the youngest son of Jesse, the youthful shepherd of Bethlehem, the giant killer, composer of psalms, Saul's personal musician Jonathan's closest friend, a hunted fugitive, a king of Israel, father of Solomon. Unlike characters, such as Enoch or Melchizedek who, although important, we know very little about, we see David's life in such vast detail that we seem to almost know him personally. This was God's choice servant, but we must observe, some contrasts in his life. He was a man of glorious triumph ' h, yet great tragedy found its way into his life. He was uniquely gifted, but there can be no doubt to the fact that he was human lie was strong in battle, but weak at home. To begin our study of the life of David we must go back in time to when David was a nobody that nobody noticed.

I. Man panics ... God provides. (I Sam. 16:1?3)

II. Man Chooses?God. Corrects. (I Sam. 16:4?10

III. Man Forgets.. God Remembers. (I Sam. 16:11?13)

Conclusion: There were three qualities in the life of David that made him the choice of God. Those same three qualities axe still desirous to God in His savants. They are

David's heart and mind were wholly innocent and unimpaired. God could no longer trust Saul for he had. Been disobedient. God is looking for those same qualities in each of our lives, How often we overlook the beauty in someone or something because on the outside it seems to be insignificant.