Ruth, Part 6

Ruth 4:1-22

The Book of Ruth begins with three funerals and ends with a wedding. Chapter one is filled with sorrow and weeping, but chapter four is filled with rejoicing. Not all of life's stories have this kind of happy ending, but this book reminds us that, for the believer, God still writes the last chapter. This chapter focuses on a bridegroom, a bride, and a baby.

I. The Bridegroom. 4:1-10

II. The Bride. 4:11-12

III. The Baby. 4:13-22

When we began our study we talked about how that God's providential hand was seen in the lives of these two women. Having completed the book we can look back and see how God has worked to bring about His will. Providence = the hand of God in the glove of history.

Next we will look at the book of Esther. God's name is not mentioned in the entire book, but His hand cannot be denied in shaping the events that we will see transpire. Both Ruth and Esther are great examples to us of individuals who were committed to God and God used them in great ways to accomplish His will.