Ruth, Part 5

Ruth 3:1-18

Last week we saw that the relationship between Boaz and Ruth was one of grace and pictured for us the relationship between believer and the Lord. In this chapter we will see how that everything about this couple serves as a picture of Christ and the believer.

When Ruth and Naomi returned to Bethlehem the plan was for them to eke out an existence the best they could. However, based on Ruth's description of how Boaz had responded to her in grace, Naomi now makes plans for Ruth to marry him. In that day it was the parents who arranged marriages, so Naomi was not really out of line in what she was planning. If all went according to plan, then she and Ruth would be taken care of for the rest of their lives.

The steps that Ruth takes in this relationship are an example to us as to what we must do to build a deeper relationship with our Lord. We must not be satisfied with a mere existence or with living on left-overs. Especially not when we can have it all when we have Him! Our focus isn't on the gifts, but is on the giver. Consider the preparations that were made.

I. Ruth prepared to meet Boaz. 3:1-5

II. Ruth Submitted to Boaz. v6-9

III. Ruth Listened to Boaz. v10-14

IV. Ruth Received Gifts from Boaz. v15-17

V. Ruth Waited for Boaz to Work. v18