Ruth, Part 4

Ruth 2:1-23

Before God changes circumstances, He wants to change our hearts. If our circumstances change for the better, but we remain the same, then we will become worse. God's purpose in providence is not to make us comfortable, but to make us conformable "conformed to the image of His Son".

Naomi was bitter against God, but Ruth was willing for God to have His way in her life. If we want God to work in our lives and circumstances and accomplish His gracious purposes, then there are certain conditions that we must meet.

I. We must live by faith in the Lord. v1-3

II. We must live by the grace of God. v4-16

III. We Must Live In Hope. v17-23

Ruth's faith in God's Word led her to the field of Boaz. The love of Boaz for Ruth compelled him to pour out his grace upon her and meet her every need. Ruth's experience of grace gave her new hope as she anticipated what her kinsman redeemer would do.