Ruth, Part 1

Ruth 1:1-5

Ruth and Esther are the only women in the Old Testament who have entire books devoted to them. Ruth tells the story of a Gentile who married a Jew and became and ancestress of the Messiah. The book of Esther introduces us to a Jewess who married a Gentile and was used of God to save the Jewish nation from destruction so that Messiah could be born.

Ruth begins with a famine and ends with the birth of a baby, while the book of Esther begins with a feast and ends with the death of over 75,000 people. God is mentioned twenty-five times in the book of Ruth, but He isn't mentioned at all in the book of Esther! Yet in both books, the will of God is fulfilled and the providential hand of God is clearly seen.

Someone has said that faith is not believing in spite of the evidence, but is obeying in spite of consequence. Both of these women serve as great examples to us today and challenge us to be committed to Jesus Christ and to do His will at any cost.

I. Unbelief: trying to run away from our problems. 1:1-5