Full Assurance

Romans 8:28-30

In past weeks we have considered a number of topics concerning Spiritual Maturity. We talked about some hindrances to maturity, indications of spiritual immaturity, and what was necessary for growth to Spiritual Maturity. Tonight I would like to continue with that thought. It is difficult to grow to any degree of maturity without a basic confidence that God cares for us and that we really do belong to Him. So tonight I want us to consider the need for full assurance of our salvation.

I. There is the. possibility of a false assurance.

II. There is the possibility of a lack of assurance.

III. The foundation of assurance.

IV. What are some obstacles to full assurance?

V. Marks of full assurance.

Do you have the confidence and boldness that comes from having full assurance? Are you doubtful concerning your salvation? Is it something that you struggle with? Why not get it settled tonight?