Showing Fairness

Romans 2:11

What does it mean to be 'fair'?

God cannot be 'unfair'

But life is unfair!

This is not heaven; it is not a perfect world. It is an imperfect place, and because of sin in the world, there is injustice.

Give me some examples.

We really don't need any teaching on how to be fair. We learned how to be fair at an early stage in our lives. We were taught to share our games and toys. To always cut the pie in correct pieces so everybody gets an equal amount. Ex. 3 Musketeers Candy Bar

We know how to be fair, but we need to deal with the issue of 'Why be fair?' In our world today it seems everybody else is living for themselves, why shouldn't we do the same? [2] Why should we show fairness?

1. Because we have the freedom to choose.

2. Because God's going to settle accounts one day

How do we deal with injustices of this life?

1. Accept them Gracefully

2. Respond to them Lovingly

3. Wait for God's help expectantly