Faith for the Future: Judgment Seat of Christ

Romans 14:10-12

We have been looking at the topic of 'Faith for the Future' in our studies on Sunday evenings. The last time we considered the next event on the prophetic time line: Rapture. Tonight, we want to consider what takes place following the Rapture.

Remember that when we looked at our chart of dispensations we pointed out that we are in the last days of the church age. The Bible reveals that there are some things that will take place on this earth right after the Rapture, and that there some things that will take place in Heaven at the same time. Tonight I want us to focus our attention on Heaven.

Though the Bible doesn't say specifically when this event will take place, I believe it will happen at some point just after the Rapture. Paul is talking about why we should judge each other…because there is a future time when Jesus Christ will judge all believers. There are three passages that deal specifically with that future time of judgment.

I. An Introduction to the Bema (Ro. 14:10-12)

II. An Explanation of the Bema (2 Co. 5:10)

III. An Evaluation of the Bema (1 Co 3:11-15).