God of Redemption

Romans 3:19-24

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When we began our study of the Person of God, we learned something of Who He is and what He is like by looking at His attributes. Then we learned how He has acted in history by creating the universe and preserving and regulating it. But God was not just interested in working in the world. He wanted to communicate with man, so He revealed Himself in both general and special ways. Even more important to us as individuals today, God desires to relate to each human being in a personal way. He is a God who redeems. To understand this important topic, we will seek to provide biblical answers to six vital questions.

I. Why Do I Need Redemption?

II. How Is Redemption Provided?

III. How Can I Receive This Redemption?

IV. Can I Lose My Salvation?

V. How Can I Be Sure I Am Saved?

God is a God of redemption and salvation. Do you know Him this morning? Have you been set free? Are you redeemed by the blood of the Lamb? If not, trust Him today! Are you unsure? Come now and get it settled once and for all.

Christian, is God working in your life? If we are His children, that is His desire. Come today and submit yourself to Him. Surrender to do His will in your life.