He is a God Who Speaks

Romans 1:18-21

Communicating with others is not always easy. A couple of weeks ago Don Nevels had some trouble. After 34 years in Argentina, it was difficult for him to preach in English. But even when the language and words used are understood, the real meanings can be mistaken. Miscommunication is always a possibility no matter how hard we try to avoid it. Take, for instance, the following examples of written communication, as quoted from actual insurance forms.

Perhaps these are exaggerations of poor communication, but every day we are called upon to communicate with other people. We must do our best to communicate well. As believers, we are to communicate with God in prayer as well. But our communication with God is not a one-way avenue. He communicates with us, too, in some general as well as specific and special ways.

I. General Revelation.

II. Special Revelation.

III. Revealing God's Light to the World.

God has spoken to us, are we listening? To those who do not know Him personally, He calls for you to come to Him in faith. For the believer, He calls us to go to the lost and dying world with the message of life and hope. Are we listening?