Grace Is Amazing

Romans 5:12-21

From time to time you read of certain individuals who have made professions of faith in Christ. Some are hard for us to accept. Not long ago I read an account in the Baptist Bible Tribune that said General Manuel Noriega from Panama, had accepted Christ as his Savior while in prison. Is it true?

Last week I read where Alice Cooper had accepted Christ. He is a rock star who became popular in the early seventies. He was the first "shock-rock" act. He used to parade on stage with make-up and live snakes and simulate killing babies on stage as well as all sorts of other morbid behavior. He is now a part of a church in Phoenix, Az. Is it true?

Why is it easier for us to believe in the power sin than in the power of God's grace? Why do we read of these testimonies with skepticism? There are thousands of testimonies from people whose lives have been transformed in incredible ways. Many of these people's lives were worse than a rock star or a dictator.

The fact is that there is nothing that God's grace can't erase. When I look at my own life, and consider all that God has done in me, I am even more convinced that there is nothing that God's grace can't erase. This is the message of Romans 5:12-21. Paul is saying, in this wonderful passage, that though our lives have been ruined by sin, we have been rescued by grace.

I. The Meaning Of God's Grace

II. How Grace Works in Our Lives.

If it were not for Christ and the cross, we would not be able to experience salvation. God's grace makes it possible. We may have been ruined by sin, but the good news is that we have been rescued by Christ. There is nothing that God's grace can't erase

Some need the forgiveness of sin that God extends in saving grace. Others need restoring grace to deal with weaknesses and habits. Still others need sustaining grace to face a hurt or difficulty. We receive grace when we humbly ask for it.