Disappointed With Ourselves

Romans 7:15; 19

The last couple of Sundays we have addressed the issue of disappointment. We talked about the how disappointments in life come and can cause us to become disappointed with life if we fail to handle them properly. Last week we discussed the danger of becoming disappointed with God, Himself.

Today I want to address a different area of disappointment. Becoming disappointed with ourselves. I realize that is getting really personal, but haven't we, at one time or another, been disappointed in ourselves? I won't try to speak for all of you, but I know that I have. In our text this morning we read about a struggle that the apostle Paul had in this same area.

Note: Romans 7:15-21

In this section Paul is admitting that he is not perfect. He is admitting that he is a sinner. He is admitting that he struggled with some of the same things that we do. Note: v15 and v17

Why is it that we struggle in these areas? Why is that I am always less that I want to be or ought to be? There are two primary characteristics that must be considered.

I. The Source of Disappointment

II. The Result of Disappointment with Self.

Disappointed with life? Disappointed with God? Disappointed with ourselves? The answer to each of these scenarios is to focus upon who God is and what He has done for us. Do we have a personal relationship with God? You can know Him today. God so loved that He gave…

Believers, do we recognize that God has a plan and purpose for our lives? If so, then we know that He is at work, accomplishing His perfect will in our lives. We realize that "it ain't over till its over". The challenge to believers is to run the race set before us, and run it to win. Regardless of the setbacks and obstacles that may come our way. Don't give up…don't quit. Keep your focus upon Jesus.