At Peace With God

Romans 5:1-6

Standing in a funeral home, looking down at the cold face of someone who has recently passed away, I have heard the statement, "Well, they are at peace now." They say that with no regard for how that person may have lived their lives. I am of the opinion that, for the most part, most people do not know what it means to be at peace with God.

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We are surrounded by people everyday who are not at peace. If doctors could come up with a prescription that would promise and deliver peace with no side effects, the cost wouldn't matter. It would be an instant success. I am not a doctor, but I know the source of peace!

I. The Need For Peace

II. What Peace Is Not

III. You Can Have Peace With God

IV. Peace Does Not Come Without A Cost

Only through Jesus Christ will we experience the peace of God. Do you know Christ today? Have you personally placed your trust in His finished work on Calvary? Do you long for this peace? Come to Christ today. Christian are you at peace with God?