Choose to Change: Attitude

Romans 12:1-2

The scenario is played out time and again in hospitals and doctor's offices around the country. The conversation is like this.

Can you imagine that? With all of the technological advances, new medications, and varied treatments it still comes down to attitudes. William James said, "Perhaps the greatest discovery of this century is that if you can change your attitude, you can change your life."

That is the basis of Christianity. A life that is changed. Paul said, "If any man be in Christ he is a new creature..." There has been a great change in the life of one whom has placed their faith in Christ.

Five basic principles about attitudes.

Some face that reality with an attitude of unbelief "There is no God, and there is no such thing as sin." Some face sin with an attitude of indifference "So what?" · Others face that reality with an attitude of pride - "I may not be perfect, but I'm better than most people." But there is only one attitude that pleases God: an attitude of repentance. That means agreeing with God that you have failed, and turning to Him for forgiveness.