How To Make 1993 A Great Year!

Romans 12:1-2

Entering into a new year always brings some apprehension to our thoughts. Questions concerning the economy, the world-wide political scene, the ever-present aids epidemic, and countless other unknowns. We do what we can to prepare for the future, but there are some things that will surprise us for sure.

This morning I want to challenge you with some things that will make 1993 a great year for you regardless of what else may happen.

It ought to be the desire of every child of God to have God's blessing upon their life. Only then can we truly have a successful Christian life.

I. Totally Surrender Your Life to God. Note: Romans 12:1-2

II. Obey All We Know To Be God's Will.

III. Acknowledge Him As Lord At All Times.

How can we make 1993 a great year? If you are not saved, then come to Jesus...that will make 1993 a year that you will never forget! Accept the gift of God which is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Then totally surrender your will to Christ, obey all you know to be God's will, and acknowledge Him at all times in all ways. Make that your New Year's resolution!