Old Time Gospel

Romans 10:13

This morning we are celebrating the 31st anniversary of the Grace Baptist Temple. On January 13, 1961 twenty-six people met to organize this church. There have been many changes in the past thirty-one years. In May of 1966 the present property was purchased and this building erected shortly thereafter. In 1973 the educational building was constructed and in the fall of 1974 the school began. The church has had six different pastors to date and numerous staff ministers over the years. Over 1000 people have joined this church over the years and the present membership stands at 130. So you can see that there have been many changes! However, one thing that hasn't changed over the years is the central message of the Old-Time Gospel. For over 31 years this message has been proclaimed from this pulpit. The messengers have changed, those hearing the message have changed, but the message has remained the same! The message of the Old-Time Gospel is not a difficult message to understand, in fact, it is really very uncomplicated. In the next few minutes I want to share this simple, but powerful message from God one more time.

"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." cf. Ro. 10:13

I. God Made It All Inclusive ..."Whosoever"

II. God Made It Easy..."Shall call upon the name of the Lord"

III. God Made It Sure. "...shall be saved"

Conclusion: This is the message: "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." This is the message that has been going forth from this pulpit for over thirty-one years! This is the message that has gone out across the world because of the missionary vision of the people of this church over the years. Multitudes have been saved by believing the message and receiving Christ. This morning there are some here who have heard this message before, but still you have not come to Christ! What are you waiting for? Some have gone to others who give them a different message, but any other message than this will bring death...not eternal life. Others are here who have received the message, but have failed to pass it on to others! There is no salvation in any other than Jesus Christ! They will not hear and believe unless we are faithful to tell them of the saving grace of God. May we commit ourselves to accomplishing this task through God's help. Don't change the message, and don't let the message grow stale...let's tell others of Christ's love and mercy.