Romans 5:12

This is not a very popular subject. We are living in a day when men are color blind to sin. People do not see the awfulness, the blackness, or the eternal consequences of sin. Many do not want to hear about it. Some try to gloss it over and call it weakness, but God calls it wickedness!

The world in which we live is terribly sick. We can hear about it on the radio, read about it in the newspaper, and watch it vividly displayed in our living rooms. The problem is not on the surface, but is a deep-seated problem.

While watching a documentary on the oil spill in Alaska and the subsequent attempt at a clean-up, it was amazing to see the destruction caused by the oil. The oil soaked deep into many of the shorelines and continues to be brought to the surface with every high tide. The workers can clean up the oil on one day and the next day it is back again. Washing off the surface was simply not enough to solve the problem.

You visit a man in the hospital whose face is pale and drawn. He clutches at the covers and writhes in pain. You ask the doctor, "What is wrong with this man?" There must be something terribly wrong, but you cannot see what it is. The doctor then shows you an x- ray which reveals that there is a cancer inside eating this man's life away!

There is a cancer that is eating away at this world. Men and women, boys and girls, young and old, rich and poor all suffering from this terrible disease. It cannot be dealt with by trying to remove the surface symptoms. We see murder, war, deceit, all sorts of social problems; but these are but symptoms of the deep-seated disease called SIN!

I. What is SIN?

II. Who Commits Sin?

III. What is the Penalty for Sin?

IV. What is the Remedy for Sin?

Conclusion: No matter who you are or what you have done, Christ can forgive and save (cf. Is. 1:18). If you are here this morning and without Christ, the only reason that you won't be saved today is if you refuse to submit to Christ. Christian, the only reason that you will leave this auditorium this morning with unconfessed sin in your life is because you refuse to submit to Christ.

Sin, it is destroying the society in which we live. It is destroying lives every day. It is robbing Christians of their power and effectiveness in ministry. was dealt with on the cross of Calvary when Jesus shed His precious blood. Won't you come this morning?