The Christian Life

Romans 12:1-21

I am sure that what you and I think about what should be present in the life of a Christian, and what the world may think would be two very different things. The truth is that it really matters very little what I think or what anyone else may think about it. What is important is what does the Word of God say concerning the matter.

Tonight I want to draw your attention to Romans chapter twelve and see three representations of the Christian life. The challenge is to compare our lives to the Scripture and evaluate what kind of reflection to this lost and dying world are we giving.

I. A Life of Consecration. v1-2

II. A Life of Humility. v3-8

III. A Life of Love. v9-21

Conclusion: What do men see when they look at our lives? Are we reflecting the proper view of the Christian life? A life of consecration, a life of humility, and a life of love. Let the Lord have his way in your life tonight!