Why Did God Let It Happen?

Romans 8:28-29

Tonight I want to discuss something that has probably puzzled us at times, and perhaps will continue to puzzle us in the future. Why does God allow things to happen? I was watching a movie the other evening about a little boy who was a Ďhemophiliací and contracted AIDS through tainted blood products. She asked her husband this same question. Why did God allow this to happen. Some would say that we cannot know the answer to this question, but I believe that often we can discern why God allows certain things to come into our lives.

The ability to see from Godís perspective does not come naturally. It is a discipline that God wants us to develop in connection with other aspects of spiritual growth. Notice that in the following verses, special wisdom about the ways of God is given to those who meet specific prerequisites:

If we yield our rights

If we obey His commandments.

If we develop spiritual discernment.

If we consider the opposite of our natural inclinations.

If we are spiritually minded

If we fear the Lord.

If we love God.

I. Some Basic Questions We Should Ask:

Consider how we look at an automobile accident: