How to Receive Criticism

Psalm 141:5

Tonight we're going to be looking at a very important subject, the matter of giving and receiving criticism. It is a subject that all of us need to consider, because if we haven't given criticism, then perhaps we have at least received it. I know that I am somewhat of an expert, I'll let you guess at which area. : ) This evening, I will ask you to help me with some input along the way. Consider this as more of a Bible study than a sermon. Let's begin with a definition.

Defining Criticism

I. A Willingness to Receive Criticism is a Mark of the Wise.

II. The Wise and the Fool Reap According to their Ability to Receive Criticism.

III. We Need to Learn to Accept Criticism through the Lens of the Cross.

IV. We Need to Learn to Apply these Principles to Both Just and Unjust Criticism.