The Biggest Fools

Psalm 14:1

There are many fools in the world today. Every one of them is pictured in the Bible. The Word of God is never out of date. Although it was written many years ago, it still portrays men as they are today. Times change, customs change, but human nature never changes. So the Bible gives us a picture of certain individuals whom God would call "fools."

The word "fool" means someone who is silly, unwise, or simple. In the Bible it means more than that. It means someone who has sunk so low that they have become a degraded person. A fool is a vile person, one who is morally degenerate, one whose heart is rotten, one who even wants to get rid of God.

Let us see what the Bible says about these fools.

I. The Atheistic Fool. cf Ps. 14:1

II. The Self-righteous Fool. cf. Pro. 28:26

III.The Unbelieving Fool. cf Lk. 24:25

IV. The Worldly Fool. cf Lk. 12:20

Donít be a fool! Look to God in repentance. Come to Christ in faith. Believe and thou shalt live.