A Godly Man

Psalm 119:33-40

We have been studying the longest book of the Bible on Sunday evenings. It is the 119th Psalm. It is divided into twenty-two sections of eight verses each. Nearly every verse of this psalm makes reference to the Word of God.

Tonight we come to the fifth section. In this segment of the Psalm we have four pictures of a godly man. What makes a godly man? How do we identify a person who is godly? Let's look to this section of the Psalm and see what kind of person we would consider to be godly.

I. Sojourner (119:33-34)

II. Soldier (119:35-36)

III. Servant (119:37-38)

There are those who read it and forsake it…rebelling against God's Word. There are those who read it and forget it…they simply allow it to be crowded out of their lives. Then there are those who read it and fear it… It gets a hold on them. The psalmist takes his stand with those who fear God's Word, with those who have healthy respect for it.

IV. Saint (119:39-40)

What are we to be if we are to be godly? We are to be like a: