Men of Proverbs: Slothful Man vs. Diligent Man

The slothful man's characteristics make him unpleasant company. Christians who are slothful are a very bad testimony for their Saviour.

Dictionary 'SLOTHFUL": Inactive; sluggish; lazy; idle.

Hebrew 'SLOTHFUL': Indolent - slothful, sluggard; to lean idly

I. Actions of the Slothful Man.

II. Characteristics of the Slothful Man.

III. Consequences of the Slothful Man.

Dictionary: 'DILIGENT': Constant in effort or exertion to accomplish what is undertaken; industrious.

Hebrew: 'DILIGENT': Incised, incisive; determination, eager - decision; to point sharply.

I. Actions of the Diligent Man.

II. Characteristics of the Diligent Man

III. Consequences of the Diligent Man.