Centered Living

Philippians 3:4-6

Last week we talked about the importance of a surrendered life for the Christian. Tonight I want us to consider the importance of a ‘centered’ life. Actually every person in the world lives a ‘centered’ life. The distinguishing thought is what is our lives centered upon? Some live lives that are centered upon themselves or what this world has to offer.

As believers in Christ we have an identity, purpose, and direction for our lives. That means that our lives are to be centered upon different things than those who are not Christians. To be totally surrendered to the Lord, to live a godly life in obedience to Him, we must live centered on Him, not on ourselves or others.

I. Spirit-centered.

II. Service-centered.

III. Christ-centered

Spirit-centered; Service-centered; and Christ-centered. Our lives as believers should be both surrendered and centered! A word that comes to mind is ‘balanced’. What about us tonight? Are we balanced in our Christian life? Are we both surrendered and centered? Is our lives Spirit – Service – and Christ—centered?