A New Start

Philippians 3:12-14

The month of January is named after the Roman god Janus, who was usually depicted as a man with two faces. One face looked back into the year that had passed and that face showed sorrow and dismay; the other face looked forward into the coming new year and showed signs of hope and confidence. Around this time of year we cannot help looking back, and as we do we see what highlighted the previous year. Sometimes it is failures, personal trials, or just unfulfilled plans and projects. At other times we view the peaks and pinnacles in our lives; the successes and the victories. As we take a look back to 1991 what do you see? No matter what this past year has been like for us, one thing is for sure: God is giving us a new start for 1992. One thing that I like about playing golf is that no matter how badly I may play one hole I have an opportunity to start all over again with the next one. The Lord used the apostle Paul to give us some excellent counsel concerning the past and the future.

NOTE: Ph. 3:12-14.

I. We Should Forget the Things Which are Behind Us.

II. We Should Reach Forward for the Future.

Conclusion: What a wonderful opportunity God is giving you and me in allowing us to serve Him in the coming year. What will we do with this opportunity? Perhaps Jesus will return in the next year, it is certainly a distinct possibility. With that thought comes the realization that time is precious. What we do for Christ we must do quickly. Tonight I want to challenge you to set some goals for 1992. Put aside the past failures and the successes, and lets band together to reach greater heights than ever before for the cause of Christ. Is there something that is hindering you from pressing forward and reaching for the prize? Get it settled tonight!