No Regret Living

Philippians 4:6

Someone has said that most Christians find themselves living between the "regrets of yesterday" and the "worries of tomorrow". Anyone familiar with the Scripture knows that this is not a part of God's plan! In fact, the believer is to forget the past and press on without anxiety. Note: Ph. 3:13-14. How can we move on to "no regret living"? I believe we must deal with the Past, Present, and Future.

I. Dealing with the past means that we must have a clean slate toward God and man.

II. The Christian Life is a present- tense, moment-by-moment walk.

III. What we do right now in relation to the gospel and others counts for ever.

Conclusion: God has given us how we ought to deal with the past, present, and the future. No regret living prepares us for no regret dying. Wouldn't it be a blessing to go out of this life without grief and regrets?

Deal with the past and get every sin under the blood. Make every attempt to reconcile broken relationships. Live each day God gives us in obedience and faith as His servant. Prepare for eternity by lovingly and boldly sharing Christ with the lost.