Plans for the Journey

Philippians 3:12-16

Paul was a man who lived as practical and holy as any man ever could before the Lord. What was his secret? I believe that part of his secret is found in this passage of scripture especially in verse 13.

Paul knew he could never change the past. So he was determined to live each day as unto the Lord. This day should the greatest we have ever live for God.

This morning I would like to offer you some challenges as we consider the New Year. Growing up we used to do some traveling each year. But we also did something that is almost unheard of now a days. We would take Sunday drives! On a Sunday drive, we would pile in the car, we never knew where we were going; we would just drive. They were fun, but often I got tired of just the drive without any destination to look forward to. Then we also would take a vacation. For a vacation we would plan and prepare. My dad would get out the Road Atlas and we would carefully trace our trip out determining where we would stop and what we would do along the way. Each New Year is like one of those vacations. Unlike a Sunday drive, where very little planning and preparation was involved; the New Year is a journey that requires some advance preparation. Let me offer some suggestions for this journey. If we don't want to spend the year traveling around with no particular destination in mind, then we need to make some basic plans on how to make the most of the journey called 2007.

I. Travel Light

II. Realize that Life Happens Now.

III. Be Generous Along the Way.

As we begin the journey of this New Year, let's determine to make it a greater year than ever before. Travel light, focus on today, and be generous. One more thought…to make this year a great year; give your life to Christ. Nothing could be better than to begin 2007 with the Lord. If you are here this morning and you have never placed your faith in Jesus Christ, let this be the day that you begin your journey with Him. Come and let us show you from God's Word how you can have eternal life and know for sure that you are on your way to heaven for all of eternity. Perhaps you would just like to re-commit this coming year to the Lord. Determine to live for the Lord. Forget about the past, live for today, and be generous. Share your faith in Christ with others. Make 2007 a great New Year!