Majoring on the Minors 

Philipians 1:9-10

Our enemy, Satan, causes division and disunity among believers as a means to keep us from reaching the goals that God intends for us to reach. One of the areas that can cause division is when we begin to disagree about the little things. I believe that we can go too far the other way as well. We cannot compromise on Scriptural truths and tolerate sinful behavior. Once again we see the necessity for balance!

The Scriptures do not change; they are forever settled in Heaven. God has spoken in His Word, and He ended it with a period. There will be no new revelation forthcoming from heaven.

Although the Bible doesn't change, the culture in which we live is constantly changing. New questions, new issues, and new options demand the fresh application of our unchanging Bible to our ever-changing situation.

I. Some Things are Major and Some Things are Minor.

II. Applying the Principles.

We are not talking about clear Biblical doctrine and Scriptural commands. We are talking about the minor matters. Christian liberty is not absolute freedom, but is freedom within limits, and these four relationships form the limits as set forth in the Scriptures. The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing! And the main thing is obeying the Word in maintaining Biblical relationships