Key Words Of The Christian Life: Discouraged

Numbers 21:4

The Christian walk is not all glorious as some want to believe. Some days, some weeks, we just as soon skip. Some days we would not choose to live if we had our choice. We do have a constant: we, as people of God, do have a peace that passes all understanding concerning the spiritual dimensions of lives, even in the not-so-pleasant times. But often, if we are honest, life just does not play fair with us. Life throws us curves.

There are many words that must be in the vocabulary of the child of God. We are going to begin to look at these three key words of the Christian life. All three of these words are important words because we all have, or will, encounter them in the expectations of our lives.

There are some things that are beyond our means to control or handle. There are some issues of life that we cannot began to handle: we have to leave them to God. But for these three to continue to exist in our Christian life, they will be based upon the decisions we make before the Lord Jesus Christ. We have to choose whether we will be: Discouraged in our Christian walk; Encouraged in our Christian Walk; or Courageous in our Christian walk. Tonight we will consider the first of these three key words. We must choose whether we will be Discouraged in our Christian walk.

I. We Can Become Discouraged In Our Christian Walk Because Of The Way We Are Going

II. We Can Become Discouraged In Our Christian Walk Because Of Others Who Discourage Us In Following God

III. We Can Become Discouraged In Our Christian Walk Because Of Others Who Break Our Spirit In Serving God

We Can Become Discouraged In Our Christian Walk

God in His infinite wisdom created each of us with the power to make choices. That means that although there are many situations and circumstances that we cannot control, we get to decide how we will react to the circumstances of life. We decide whether or not we will become discouraged. Tonight I want to challenge you to choose to trust in God and find the strength that only comes from Him to be able to continue in the way…regardless of the obstacles that are placed in our path. We don't have to be discouraged!

Along with that challenge, may we also realize that we cannot help but have an impact upon those around us. May the Lord empower us to live for Him in such a way that we would not be a discouragement to others!