Revival and the Book

Nehemiah 8:1-18

The book of Nehemiah is fairly well known by most of you I am sure. Nehemiah, one of the many Jews living in captivity, becomes burdened for the city of Jerusalem which has been abandoned for many years. His desire is to rebuild the wall around the city so those who are returning from exile will be safe from the attacks of their enemies.

By chapter six we see that the wall is finally completed; in chapter seven the city is organized; and in chapter eight the emphasis is switched from the building the wall around the city to building up the people of the city. What we see happen in chapter eight is true revival! Revival is not evangelism, but rather it is stirring the coals and rekindling the fire of God within His people.

God's people in every age has come to the point where we have needed to be revived! You and I this morning need to be revived! We need the coals that have cooled off to be stirred up again. Jesus said, "I would thou wert cold or hot.

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." cf Re. 3:15b-16 Take your spiritual temperature this morning: Cold = unsaved; Hot= on fire for God; Lukewarm = in need of revival!

The material needs of the city had been met, now it was time to focus on the spiritual needs of the people. It is important for us to note that Ezra and Nehemiah put the Word of God first in the life of the city. What happened in Jerusalem from that point on was a by-product of the people's response to the Scriptures. May I say that America was put on track by our founding fathers who established this nation based upon biblical principles. And what has happened to this great country is a direct result of our response to the Word of God.

Here is a universal law! The Spirit of God uses the Word of God to cleanse and revive the hearts of the people of God. Look at our society: the family unit is being destroyed because we have departed from the Word of God!

Our schools are in a pitiful shape because we have departed from the Word of God! Our churches are weak and Christians are defeated because we have departed from the Word of God! If God is to work through His people we must respond positively to His Word. Chapter eight describes three basic responses: 1) Understanding His Word 2) Rejoicing in the Word and 3) Obeying His Word.

I. Understanding His Word. v1-8

II. Rejoicing in the Word. v9-12

III. Obeying the Word. v13-18

They had revival! If you are here this morning and you have never received Christ as your personal Savior you do not need revival, you need regeneration. You need to be born again by the power of God. Will you come today and accept the finished work of Christ for an atonement for your sins?

Christians are you hot or just lukewarm? Our spiritual temperature has a direct connection with our attitude toward God's Word. We must understand it, rejoice in it, and be obedient to it. Do you need revival this morning? It can be yours today if you will come.