Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail

Matthew 16:18

What a powerful promise! Another promise given is found in the Lord's final word given prior to His ascension into heaven. It is part of what we refer to as the Great Commission. As we go…He will be with us!

But where are the local congregations we read of in the New Testament? At some point in their history, they ceased to exist. In the case of the church at Sardis, it 'died' before it ceased to exist. It had the appearance of life outwardly, but was actually dead.

What happened? Did the gates of hell prevail? No, I don't think so.

We need to understand that we have an enemy. The Word of God warns us of his subtle attacks. Can he and the powers of hell overcome the local church? No, but he often works from within to destroy.

I. Incorrect Teaching - Distorts Our Witness

II. Inward Strife - Hinders Our Witness

III. Indifference - Removes Our Witness

Our desire is to see folks come to faith in Jesus Christ. Not only is that our desire, it is the stated purpose for why we exist as a local assembly. We have the promise that the gates of hell shall not prevail and the promise of Jesus' presence as we go into all the world. But we must guard our witness. We must keep the message clear. God loves this world so much, that He willingly gave His only begotten Son, Jesus to die on Calvary and pay the debt of sin for all who will come by faith and receive the wonderful gift of salvation! We mustn't allow inward strife or indifference to hinder and remove that witness. It is too important! It is an eternal matter of life and death! If you have never received this witness…you have never embraced the cross of Jesus Christ and placed your faith in His finished work for your salvation, the invitation is for you to come today and be born again! Christian, has God spoken to our hearts this morning? If so, I invite you to come and recommit yourselves to the witness of this local church. Come now whatever the need.