Who Needs the Church?

Mt. 16:13-18

When we think of the church many different pictures may come to mind. We may picture a building with a bell tower or steeple pointing upward. We may think of stained glass windows, pews, pulpits, and hymnals. We may think of robed choirs or giant pipe organs. But none of these are accurate pictures of a Biblical church. The church that Jesus Christ was talking about had none of these things. They were simply people who had placed their faith in Christ, had followed Christ's command and example of baptism, and were meeting together endeavoring to reach others with the gospel. I have met people who have made comments that are similar to this "Why do I need to go to church? I can be just as good a Christian without regular attendance in a church." "I am closer to God in the woods or on the riverside than I ever am in church." "Why can't I just be alone out in the country and get close to God?" Perhaps you have been asked the same questions or similar ones. This morning, I want us to consider the importance of the church. As I use the word 'church' realize that I'm talking about the local assembly of baptized believers, not some mystical invisible, universal, non-existent something. Who needs the local church? Everyone!

I. Imperfect People Need the Local Church.

II. Broken People Need the Local Church.

III. Lost People Need the Local Church.

Who needs the local church? Imperfect people, broken people, and lost people. We all do!