Four Universal Questions of Life - Part 4

Matthew 7:13-14

Robert Frost wrote a poem entitled "The Road Not Taken." It is brief - four stanzas, twenty lines - but in that space, he reminds us of an important truth.

I think we understand that Frost was writing about more than a walk in the woods. He was telling us that there are opportunities in life, and that we should choose our way carefully. Two thousand years before Robert Frost ever put pen to paper, Jesus spoke concerning the same thing. But the difference is that where Frost couldn't see where the roads would lead, Jesus tells us exactly.

Jesus spoke of the way 'less traveled' and challenged us to make that choice. For 3 ½ years while He ministered here on this earth Jesus pointed us to the Way. The Way was not a path, but a Person. Jesus calls us to come unto Him in faith. Only then can we have the life that He promised. Consider a recent survey taken.

Yet Jesus said in Matthew 7:21-23

Jesus was saying that not everybody that thinks they are going to heaven when they die, are going. There are Two gates; Two ways; Two groups; and Two destinations

In our text, Jesus spoke of two roads, one was broad and well traveled, but it leads to destruction. The other is narrow and less traveled, but it leads unto life…abundant life now and eternal life later! We are each on one of those two paths. Where we are going will be determined by the path that we choose in this life.

I. The Way of Sin or the Way of Salvation.

II. The Way of Death or the Way of Life

III. The Way of Hell or the Way of Heaven.

1. Faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

2. Faith to live our lives for Him and to share the gospel with others.

3. Faith to serve Him with our lives.

All of us are traveling on a road that we have chosen this morning, but unfortunately we will not all arrive at the same destination. If you have chosen God's way…Faith in Jesus Christ alone ... the destination is Heaven. If you have chosen another way…the destination in Hell … separated from God for all eternity.

Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.