Faith for the Future: What is this World Coming To?

Matthew 6:18

On Sunday evenings I have been bringing messages designed to strengthen our faith for the future. Recently we have looked at the question, "What is this world coming to?" and the answer of course is that it is coming to an end! We have considered the dangers to any study of prophetic events, as well as Paul's instruction to Timothy concerning the last days.

Tonight we want to cover a brief survey of prophetic events. To help us understand the history of God's dealing with this world, it is beneficial to divide time into seven basic periods or dispensations. From the beginning of this world until the end of the world we can see these seven distinctive periods as we study the Word of God. For purposes this evening we want to focus on the age in which we now live, the Church age or the dispensation of grace.

I. Survey of Prophetic Events.

What's this world coming to? That's a good question. A better question is: What's coming to this world? For those who know Christ, the future is glory. For those who refuse to surrender to Christ, their future is judgment.

We know what this world is coming to…but what will we do with this knowledge? The Bible says, 'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…' People need to know, and who will tell them?

The rich man in hell lift up his eyes from the torment with the desire that his family not have to come to the same end that he did, but it was too late for him to witness to them. Will we wait too long? How many souls will be damned for all eternity because we failed to go…we failed to witness…we failed to let them know what we know?