Investment Strategies for Life

Matthew 25:14-30

If there was any one area of our lives that was most impacted by the events surrounding 9/11 it would be the area of finances. As a result of those attacks, the financial world was literally sent into a tailspin. Along with it were multitudes of peoples retirement and pension plans. This sudden change in the financial world seems to have spawned many new pundits with advice for how to survive in this uncertain climate. Once again we are reminded of the relevance of God's Word in our lives. The Lord has certainly addressed the topic of finances and investments a number of times in His Word. I would like to direct your attention to the Gospel of Matthew. In the 25th chapter we find the Lord teaching, by way of parables, principles that should govern our investment strategies. There are seven principles that we want to consider this morning.

Read Text: Mt. 25:14-30

I. Principle of Ownership

II. Principle of Allocation

III. Principle of Accountability

IV. Principle of Utilization

V. Principle of Motivation

VI. Principle of Application

VII. Principle of Compensation

How are we investing for eternity? Message on the marquee, "Life has many choices, eternity has only two"

Do you know where you will spend eternity? If not we would love to show you from God's Word how you can know for sure and never have to wonder about it again. Christian, how are we investing what God has given to us? Are we being faithful stewards? We will all give an account before God for how we have invested our lives. Whatever your need might be today, may I invite you to come and meet God at this altar? If you are without Christ, you can be saved today. Believer, you can find everything you need in Christ right now. Will you come?