Get in the Game

Matthew 9:36-38

Well, today is the big day…today is game-day! Multitudes of people around the world have been preparing for this day. Department stores have been running sales on big screen TV's, pizza delivery places have added extra drivers, menus have been printed, the media has done an effective job with their normal hype…because today is game-day! There is an excitement that builds to a near frenzy level surrounding today. But this is all about the spectators…these folks will not be 'in the game' they will just be watching. I found out a long time ago that there is a big difference between participation and observation. The teams are the ones who will actually be putting forth the effort and doing whatever they must in order to win. A 'team' is a band of individuals that work together to accomplish a goal. I recently saw an acrostic for the word team that illustrates its true meaning.

T = Together E = Everyone A = Accomplishes M = More

This is true for all sports, but it doesn't just end there. It is also true in other areas of life whether it is in the workplace or in the home. Together we can accomplish more than we could alone. This is especially applicable to the ministry. Yesterday we took some time to appreciate the members of the GBT ministry team.

I believe we have a great team of ministry workers here at Grace. I am thankful for every individual who is a part of this ministry team. But let me take a few moments today and broaden our view of the team concept. Every believer is a part of a 'team'. It is God's team…and God has a game plan. His 'game plan' is found in the Scriptures in a number of places, but perhaps the simplest is in Mark's gospel.

Pretty basic plan isn't it? I have watched as cameras focused in on the coach as he outlined the next play he wanted his team to execute. I saw the X's, O's, and arrows but it didn't make a lot of sense to me…it was pretty complicated. But God's game plan isn't complicated at all. Remember the acrostic? Together Everyone Accomplishes More! Another interesting thought about God's game plan is that He wants everyone in the game all the time! Watching the IU game the other day, and the camera would now and then pan the bench. I saw the faces of players I had never seen nor heard of before. That is because in basketball only five players can be on the floor at one time. As a matter of fact, in most sports there are limitations on how many participants there can be at any one time. But not with God…He wants all of us in the game!

Read Text: Mt. 9:36-38

Here is an appeal for more of us to get into the game! Jesus looked upon the multitudes and recognized the great need. He asked His disciples to pray for more workers! More active participants! Let me give you a few areas where we can become active participants in the Lord's game plan.

I. Demonstrate His Love.

II. Communicate His Word.

III. Incorporate God's People

This morning, the challenge has been to get into the game! Perhaps you have never accepted Christ as your Savior…it is time to come now and allow us to show you from His Word how to be born again. Maybe you are a Christian, but you are not a part of this local church. Come join with us as we seek to honor God through this ministry. If you are a member, isn't it time to get off the bench and get into the game? Come now without delay.