Who Is Our Master?

Matthew 14:22-33

Since we are celebrating Veteran's Day today with recognition of all who have served in the military, I thought it would be appropriate to speak to this topic from the Scripture. I would like to talk about the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Webster defines 'lordship' as authority or power of a lord. Jesus taught this principle to his disciples by using their own life experiences. The settings for His teaching were on board a ship. Now that is an area in which I, and a few others here, have some experience. So this morning I would like for us to consider some facts concerning lordship and more specifically consider the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our own lives.

I. Every Ship Must Have A Captain Or Master.

II. The Captain Or Master Is The Single Officer In Charge Of The Ship.

III. Everyone On Board The Ship Is Subject To The Captain Or Master's Commands At All Times.

IV. The Captain Is Responsible For The Safety Of The Vessel And The Well?Being Of Those On Board.

Do you know Jesus Christ as your Savior? Is He the Lord of your life? The choice is ours to make.