Two Choices

Matthew 7:13-27

Imagine this: We are looking for the perfect present for the most special person in our life. We walk into a store and there is a large room with shelves on every wall. On these shelves are boxes; different sizes, different shapes, different labels, different colors, and all are beautifully wrapped with gorgeous paper and preciously tied ribbons except for one.

This one box is different. It's just very common looking, it's nothing really fancy, it's wrapping is less than attractive, the paper is worn and the ribbon ripped. Which are we likely to grab? One of the beautiful boxes, of course! But wait, we forgot to ask one thing; What's inside the boxes? We begin to open the beautiful boxes, and find that they are all full of sawdust! But the one box, that plain and simple looking one, within we find it to be full of all types of treasure, jewelry, gold, precious stones. There is also a piece of paper entitling us to go to any jewelry store in the world at any time we want, and pick out anything in the store for FREE! For the rest of our lives!

Now, which box do we want? Do we want the beautiful boxes or the plain and simple one? Just as we reach for the box filled with treasures, we notice that there is a 'warning label' attached! To the one who chooses this box also comes criticism, persecution, and possibly death!

What I am describing with this illustration are the two religions of this world! Two? Aren't there hundreds? Not really, when reduced to their common denominator we find there are only two. There is God's and there is man's. God's is of faith; man's is of works. God's is of grace, man's is of law. God's is of the Spirit; man's is of the flesh. God's leads to heaven; man's leads to hell.

Man's religion is like the pretty boxes with ribbons and bows, but inside there is nothing but worthless sawdust. God's glorious gospel stands alone, unattractive, and repulsive to the natural man! But yet it contains treasures that will last for all eternity!

Read: Matthew 13-27

In our text this morning we find that we are called upon to make a choice. Everyone here this morning will make that choice, and it will be evident by what we do.

I. There Are Two Gates. v13-14

II. There Are Two Identities. v15-20

III. There Are Two Professions. v21-23

IV. There Are Two Foundations. v24-27

So what will we choose? Will we choose God's way or man's way? It is up to us. We are challenged to choose the strait gate and the narrow way. We must choose to bear good fruit in our lives; to serve Christ with our hearts; and to build our lives upon Him and the principles of His Word.