What We Really Need

Matthew 6:33

As we come to the close of another year, it is always good to reflect and consider past failures and accomplishments. Millions will make resolutions concerning personal goals that they desire to achieve in the coming year. It is a time of planning as we look toward the future and consider what we need. Perhaps you feel that you need a new car, or a new place to live. Maybe your thoughts are about your job or your education. You may be thinking about getting married or starting your family in this New Year. I believe that it is healthy for us to reflect and to project. But the danger is in failing to realize that God's Word has given us instruction concerning what we really need!

The sixth chapter of Matthew reveals the Lord's teaching on the basic needs that we have as people. We need food, clothing, and shelter. Jesus teaches us what is important and where we should place our priorities. He has promised to provide our basic needs for us when we put God's kingdom and righteousness first.

Jesus has never lied to us and He cannot lie to us. He is able and capable of doing what He has promised us He will do. Let us look at five things we need in our lives.

I. We Need God.

II. We Need Grace.

III. We Need Guidance.

IV. We Need Gratitude.

V. We Need Gladness.

Do you have what you need to have a great and wonderful New Year? Do you know God? Do you know His grace, do you follow His guidance? Do we display a life of gratitude and gladness? What about it this morning? Will you come and find in Him everything that you need?