The Great Cover-Up

Matthew 28:11-15

I would like to read to you the story of the events that occurred the last few hours of Jesus' life right after He had been arrested.

That was it; it was over. There in that cold, dark cave-like tomb lay the swollen, bloodied, torn, broken, lifeless Jesus of Nazareth. His body stiff from rigor mortis, His broken-hearted followers running for a place to hide fearing that the authorities might soon be breaking down their doors. It was over.

All He ever did was love the ones no one else would love. All He ever did was feed the poor, encourage the faint- hearted, He healed the sick, He taught people how to know God. He was 33. His disciples must have expected him to live another 50 years. But now...there was no breath, no heart-beat, no brain-waves...nothing, dead. The story continues... Read: Mt. 27:62-28:20

I. The Cover-Up Of The Chief Priests v11-15

II. The Cover-Up Continues Today

III. The Practical Meaning of Easter.

None of this would be possible if Jesus were not alive. We would probably just be celebrating Good Friday...what a good person He was, His teaching, His example, etc. But He is alive! Will you come to Him and invite Him in?