Crisis Christianity

Matthew 14:25-30

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We can look at this passage and see many things, but tonight I want us to look at Peter's cry to the Lord. He begins to get his eyes off the Lord and on the circumstances, when that happens he begins to sink. Then he cries out to the Lord for help.

Now, we often give Peter a hard time for a lot of the things that he does. But, he really isn't so much different that many of us, is he? Too many Christians wait until they are about to go under for the third time before they cry out unto the Lord. Too many married couples wait until they are in a crisis before they cry unto the Lord. It is also true of churches. Too often churches wait until the congregation is gone or until the spirit is dead before they cry unto the Lord.

Crisis Christianity is a way of life for many, but that isn't the way that God meant for us to behave. Our life should be more than one crisis after another.

I. Living A Crisis Life Is A Hard Way To Live

II. Living A Crisis Life Causes You To Miss Out On A Lot Of Sweet Fellowship With The Lord

III. God Does Not Always Choose A Crisis Situation With Which To Work With You