Dreams of Christmas

Matthew 1:18-2:25

The title of the message today is 'Dreams of Christmas'. One of my favorite Christmas songs is "White Christmas". No one did it quite as good as Bing Crosby. "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas…" I suppose one reason that I like it is because it's still a dream. I can count on one hand the number of times that I have enjoyed a 'white' Christmas in my lifetime. Who knows? Maybe we will have one this year…I can dream can't I?

The dreams I want to talk about today are not concerned with whether or not it will snow. Nor are they about what presents will be under the tree with my name on them. I want to talk about the dreams that are connected with the real story of Christmas.

There are five dreams are found in the first two chapters of the Gospel of Matthew. Since this is such a familiar text, we'll not read all of it, just the verses that specifically mention the dreams.

I. God's Priority: His Own Purpose.

II. God's Purpose for Us: Salvation

III. God's Promises: Always Kept

The dreams of Christmas are not about fiction or fantasy. They are truth from God to people like you and me. They remind us of God's purposes and His promises. They bring us news of a very real Savior, who waits to enter our life. Will we let him come in?