Countdown to the Millennium: The Tribulation

Matthew 24:21

Last week we talked about the 'Judgment Seat of Christ' and the 'Marriage of the Lamb'. These events will take place after the rapture, will involve only believers, and will take place in Heaven. This evening we will continue our 'Countdown to the Millennium' series. Tonight, we want to consider what will happen on earth after the rapture. This will not be the end of the world! The world will still be here and so will millions of lost people. The dead unbelievers will remain in their graves until after the 1000-year reign of Jesus Christ. Living unbelievers who have rejected the Truth will be left to face the Great Tribulation.

The tribulation will be a seven-year period of time on this earth. It will separate the rapture from the Second Coming of Christ. While believers are standing before Christ and then celebrating the Marriage supper of the Lamb in heaven, things on earth will go from bad to worse. It will be an awful time of judgment on an unbelieving world.

I. The Amazement of the World.

II. The Hopeless Condition of Those Who are Left Behind.

III. God's Judgments Upon This World.

The seven-year tribulation will be a horrible experience. These things, and more, will come upon this earth and upon unbelieving men and women. There will be no second opportunity for people to be saved if they have rejected the gospel. We must reach folks today!