Choose Rest over Stress

Matthew 11:28

It may seem like this is a coincidence; that this message comes on the eve of my leaving for a couple of weeks of vacation. But the Lord had this timed out just so it would come at the right time. It comes as no surprise to you that Christians are not free from the stress-mess.

Ulcers, migraines, high blood pressure, strokes and even cancer are just some of the symptoms that we live in a very stressful world. The pharmaceutical companies are making a fortune off our stressful misfortune. For thousands of people, their primary concern is stress! That is also true of Christians. There is always something to do in the service of the Lord. Sunday is often the busiest day of the week for me and some of you, as well. All of us have heard 'Christian' workaholics say that they would 'rather burn out for God than rust out!' Now that may sound good initially, but let's contrast that with what Jesus said:

I believe that following Jesus Christ should be the cure, not the cause for a stress-filled life! This evening, the challenge is to choose rest over stress.

I. Is Stress Always Harmful?

II. Causes Of Unnecessary Stress.

III. Choosing Rest Over Stress

How do we choose rest over stress? First we must rid ourselves of unnecessary stress. Second, we must learn how to deal positively with the stress that is unavoidable. My doctor made it a point this week to talk to me about stress, and how I was handling it. Let's choose to rest in the Lord. (Psa 37:7a) "Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him..."