The Great Commission, The Procedure

Matthew 28:16-20

We often refer to the 'great commission' as if it was one single Scripture. It is one command but it is given in five separate scripture locations. In each of the references the message is essentially the same, but there is a different emphasis placed upon each one of them. Tonight we want to look into the gospel of Matthew. There are several facts we want to look at in reference to our message tonight.

I. The Commission Was Given to the Local Church.

II. The Pastors Were Given to the Church.

III. The Saints were given for the Ministry.

The great commission as presented in the gospel of Matthew begins with…

If we want to see N. T. results in the church, we must be obedient to the N. T. commission given. And that obedience depends upon our personal commitment to the responsibility that we each bear. Are we being obedient?