God Kept His Promise

Matthew 28:1-10

All of us need to be encouraged from time to time. I read of a newspaper man who, for his own amusement, wrote a note to twenty of his friends with just one word. 'Congratulations'. None of them had done anything in particular that he thought deserved a congratulatory comment, he just wanted to see their reaction. All twenty returned a thank you note without questioning why the message had been sent. We all need encouragement.

The disciples certainly needed some encouragement after the events of Calvary. All of their hopes and dreams seemed to come crashing down with every blow of the hammer that nailed Jesus to the cross. But, as the songwriter puts it, then came the morning. The resurrection morning brought to them the realization that Jesus was no longer dead. That He was risen, just as He had said. They departed with great joy.

That same encouragement can be ours this morning as we consider what the resurrection of Christ means to us today.

I. It means that our faith has not been misplaced.

II. It means our life doesn't end with the grave.

III. It means our tomorrow will be better than today.

Do you believe God today? Have you by faith accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior? That is what life is all about. Coming to the place of understanding our need for a Savior. Accepting that God has made provision for us in giving His only begotten Son to die in our place. And living our lives for Him.

Will you come this morning? Do you need encouragement today? God keeps His promises! He will not fail us.