What is My Role in the Church?

Matthew 16:18

God has established three major institutions on this earth: the family, civil government, and the local church. It is the local church which has been commissioned by God to carry out His purposes in reaching the lost and perfecting the saved. Therefore, God's plan for a Christian will always be fulfilled best when connected with the local church.

In our study on Wednesday evening we have been looking at the subject of church membership. Tonight I will not repeat what we have discussed concerning the importance of being a church member. Tonight, I want to address the topic of our role as a member of the local church. In other words, what part are we, as individuals, to play in the local church? It is necessary to establish some things first.

I. What is the local church?

II. What is the function of the local church?

III. How do we function in the church body?

IV. Basic questions.

Tonight, are we meeting the Scriptural requirements of a local church? Certainly there are areas that we need to strengthen. We are a growing organism...we have not arrived! We continue to grow as a church because of each individual member.

I saw a former member the other day at the grocery store. We talked for a while, and they mentioned that they were curious about who was still here as members. This church is not the same church as it was ten years ago...five years ago...or even a month ago. We are changing, because our members are changing. That is healthy!

As members, are you continuing to grow and develop? Are you functioning within this local body? If you are saved tonight and not a part of a local church, you need to get connected! Plug in and begin to serve. If you have never been saved, the greatest need in your life right now is to know Jesus Christ as your Savior. Come tonight, whatever the need.